Introduction: In the early days of 2020 in the Fort Worth community, as the world buzzed with energy and possibilities, I embarked on a project called “The Beautiful You Project.” Little did I know that this collection of vibrant moments captured by my friend Ben from Seattle would become a time capsule of a world before everything changed. As I reminisce about those pre-pandemic days, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the carefree spirit that permeated our lives. Today, as we grapple with the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s time to reflect on how we’ve evolved and find a new way forward.

The Beautiful You Project Unveiled: Conceived as a celebration of friendship, artistry, and the diverse talents that surrounded me, The Beautiful You Project brought together a kaleidoscope of individuals – from artists and entrepreneurs to musicians and cherished friends. With infectious enthusiasm, we captured the essence of the times, creating memories that would soon serve as a reminder of a world untouched by the challenges that lay ahead.

The Turning Point: A mere month later, the world took an unexpected turn. The pandemic hit, altering the course of our lives in ways we never anticipated. Businesses shuttered, the cost of living soared, and the very fabric of our existence underwent a transformation. The optimism of those early days gave way to uncertainty, leaving us to navigate uncharted waters.

Adapting to Change: In the midst of this upheaval, my team and I released a short film and embarked on the spirited “Fort Worth Funky” projects, capturing the resilience and creativity that continued to thrive. However, as we look back, it’s evident that the landscape of our lives has been forever altered. The yearning for the simplicity of the past echoes a sentiment shared by many.

The Beautiful You: A Chronicle of Joy and Change. Out of those captured moments emerged 2 videos, one that encapsulates the joy, camaraderie, and unbridled optimism we once took for granted and one showing in the midst of COVID, how we coped.

The stories and photography were showcased in 360 West Magazine that year, and became a testament to the  beauty that existed in our lives, even in the face of uncertainty.

Embracing Change with a Smile: As we find ourselves in this new normal, I invite you to revisit The Beautiful You Project, to rekindle the memories that made life so special. Hug your friends, revel in the authenticity of those captured moments, and let the video be a reminder that joy is an essential part of our journey. In the spirit of making something beautiful, let’s smile, connect, and forge a path forward in this changed world.

Conclusion: The old days may be a distant memory, but the essence of The Beautiful You Project lives on. As we strive to adapt and find ourselves anew, let this project serve as a beacon of hope and a celebration of the resilience within us all. At Make Something Beautiful, we understand the profound impact of authentic storytelling, and we invite you to join us on this journey of rediscovery. Together, let’s create something beautiful in this evolving world.

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