We transitioned to work from home pretty seamlessly.  I have never spent this much time in my house. I was not ready to be here this much at all. There’s definitely things that I miss but you just understand that that’s the way it has to be. This is gross, but I was not a big hand washer. I let that immune system stay robust. I live and die by my wet wipes now. You cannot catch me without my wet ones. 

At a more macro level, I’m pretty proud of everybody. I know there’s not 100% solidarity with what people think but for the most part people have been respectful of each other’s boundaries. I think the US has done a pretty good job especially considering how much we’re allowed to be and do whatever we want. For me personally, I think I will look back on this time as extremely precious because I’ve literally gotten to live with my sister for two months. We get to hangout and do everything together and get a lot of quality time we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I would never have thought that would be so meaningful to get to be with her and my parents and sit on the patio enjoying the stillness together.

Laurel McEuen
Director of marketing, Tandy Leather
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