On the retail side we’ve been shut down for almost two months. That definitely took the wind out of our sails. We pivoted  at the beginning to making masks. We had an ability to pretty quickly make something people needed. We got 300 masks to the service industry community right away. And now we are figuring out the best way to reopen to the public and what that looks like and in a safe way. The biggest thing is not knowing what the future holds. We worked really hard to create momentum to promote ourselves and our business and our community and we saw the future laid out and now it’s a little more difficult to see what the path ahead will become. 

We’ve gotten a lot of support from people that shop at our store or people supporting Fort Worth centric things. It’s been awesome to see that on the small business side. People who have the means are supporting local restaurants, doing curbside, doing anything they can to keep these places that they cherish and love alive, to make sure they are on the other side when we get back and can hug and reconnect and do all the things at the places we love. So to be a part of that and to be one of those businesses that people dig and want to support. It’s really inspiring and that’s the best hope we have. 

Chance Morgan
Owner, Morgan Mercantile
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