“The Twilite Hour” is a captivating short film that immerses its viewers in the vibrant and eclectic world of a Fort Worth bar called Twilite. Set against the backdrop of a single evening, the film takes you on a journey through the lives of its diverse patrons, each with their own unique story, secrets, and hidden desires. As you eavesdrop on conversations, listen to live music from local talents like Keegan McInroe, Henry the Archer, Bonnie Bishop, Mike Webb from the Pour Brothers, and Simon Flory, you’ll witness a fascinating collision of characters and narratives.

From a chance meeting that sparks an old romance to a bank robbery debacle that sends shockwaves through friends, “The Twilite Hour” artfully weaves together moments of love, loss, and unexpected events. This remarkable short film has earned acclaim and recognition in the film festival circuit, including awards for Best Indie Short at the IndieX Film Festival in September 2020, Best Drama at LAFA 2020, and official selection at the Lone Star Film Festival. “The Twilite Hour” is a masterful exploration of the human experience, revealing that even in the most ordinary places, extraordinary stories are waiting to unfold.

“The More You Talk (The Less I Hear)” is not just a music video; it’s a captivating short film that offers a haunting and enigmatic journey. Collaborating with the talented musician Simon Flory, we embark on a narrative that explores the intricate life of a mysterious character whose story remains concealed. As the video unfolds, we follow her through dark and enthralling tales that take place in the dead of night, on the evocative backdrop of a farm from her past.

This award-winning short film, crowned as the Best Short Short at the Lone Star Film Festival in 2021, delves into the human psyche, challenging viewers to question what’s beneath the surface and unveiling the complexity of the human experience. The narrative grips your attention and doesn’t let go, building suspense and intrigue until the climactic and thought-provoking conclusion. “The More You Talk (The Less I Hear)” is an artful blend of music and storytelling that will leave you with a powerful and unforgettable “OMG” moment, leaving you pondering the layers of the story long after the final frame.

Write up from Folk Radio UK.

“Free Richard Haskin” unfolds as a captivating documentary that traces the peculiar odyssey of punk rock artist Richard Haskin and his spontaneous attempt to hold up a Wells Fargo Bank via the drive-thru in Denton, Texas. The film, shot over several years, provides an intimate lens into Haskin’s world, exploring the whimsical circumstances leading up to the absurd heist. Through a series of interviews and candid moments, the documentary unveils the complexity of Haskin’s character, shedding light on the motivations behind his unconventional choices.

As the narrative unfolds, the film also delves into the poignant relationship between Haskin and his late father. Their understanding forms a poignant backdrop to the bizarre events, adding depth to the storyline. “Free Richard Haskin” transcends the mere retelling of a comically ill-fated bank robbery, transforming into a heartfelt exploration of one man’s quirks, struggles, and the unconventional bonds that shape his life. The documentary becomes a testament to the strange and beautiful tapestry of human experience, where even a misguided heist can reveal profound truths about identity, family, and the pursuit of an unconventional dream.

The Ultimate Cosmic Joke: The story of Droo & Jade. When Jade met Droo she was just starting her music career and he was a world-weary performer with over a decade of experience. Their unlikely partnership helped Jade’s musical talent flourish and forged an unbreakable friendship. She thought he would be in her life forever.

Reflecting on that remarkable night, capturing the enigmatic spirit of Sue Wong, the iconic fashion designer in the heart of LA. We embarked on this adventure from Boston, where we were engrossed in filming an advisor’s story on a cold winter’s day. But the real twist in the tale awaited us as we boarded a plane to LA for another compelling chapter, shooting an advisor for a AIG‘s conference campaign.

What made this night truly magical was the personal touch we decided to add. I reached out to my dear friend Loucaros (Luke) Eleftheriou , a super cool character I’d known from his AIG days—and now was working with Sue Wong. Reconnecting with him was an absolute blast, and it opened the door to capturing the extraordinary story of Sue Wong. With just a night’s notice, Luke welcomed us to Sue Wong’s design center in LA. We touched down on the West Coast, ready to dive into the captivating world of fashion.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Sue Wong herself, surrounded by models showcasing her exquisite designs. The atmosphere was electric. We immersed ourselves in the creative process within the studio before receiving a special invitation to Sue’s enchanting Beverly Hills residence – a historic gem that had hosted legends like Charlie Chaplin, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.

The clock struck 10 PM, and that’s when the night took an even more enchanting turn. An opera singer entered the scene, having just completed a performance. It was a captivating and unexpected encounter that added an unforgettable twist to our night. 🎶

As the evening continued, Jared took to capturing the beauty of the house, while Eric and I prepared for an interview in what they fondly call the “Jimi Hendrix” room. Sue’s story was nothing short of extraordinary, deeply inspiring to all of us. 🎤

Our filming adventure wrapped up close to 1 AM. Before departing, I seized the moment to ask Sue to capture a snapshot of Luke and me, a lasting memory of the incredible night we had shared. I’ll post later, it was pretty funny pic. 📸

Our journey continued as we made our way to Orange County that very night, gearing up for another day of capturing inspiring stories.

This adventure served as a powerful reminder that life is about creating cherished memories, forming connections, and embracing the journey, no matter how unexpected it may be.

This night will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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