Everyone’s experience has been so different. Some friends I talk to are bored out of their minds staying at home but for us we’re working really really hard, 20 times harder, to lose a little bit less money than if we just shut down.

I’ve seen a lot more people outside. Which is great, as long as they’re staying socially distant. I think the weather’s been amazing for that. I think it’s making a lot of people stop and put their life on pause and have a little self awareness about what they’ve been doing. 

I certainly hope it creates a sense of unity and support. We’re all kind of in it together. The virus doesn’t differentiate. I hope people start to see that we’re all more similar across the board instead of focusing on differences. I think you’ll see a lot of innovation coming out of this. I think you’ll see a new focus on healthcare in this country. I think that would be a great outcome on this. Maybe we could transition to being a world leader on healthcare. 

Mark Seher
Owner, Melt Ice Creams
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