I’ve cultivated so many things since this started. I’m a plant lady now. I’ve got all these plants and I’m propagating plants and I’m taking clippings. I feel like a pioneer woman. We don’t know what the future looks like so maybe I just keep watering my plants.

One thing I find beautiful is when I’m outside or on the trails and I see so many families out and kids out. When I was a kid I was outside on my bike all the time by myself. By parents never knew where I was, I just did whatever. It’s so fun to see kids out on their bikes having fun. I’ve never seen so many families out as I have the past few weeks. I just love that. I hope we can just keep a little of that and not be rushing all the time. We usually have the pressures of sports and activities and now everyone is taking a breath and chilling and enjoying their family time and I think that’s wonderful.

Josie Villa-Singleton
Founder, Eat this Fort Worth
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Please credit all photos Make Something Beautiful @makesomethingbeautifulfw | @bigbenbender

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