So much of our life is going and projecting and giving people what they want or what we think they want us to give them. Sometimes we forget that introspection and the moments of quiet within yourself are where the most creativity can grow. We’re just trying to keep focus on what’s next. We can’t go backwards and we can’t stay in this place. What can we do next? How can we change it? Also I’ve been wanting to transition things for a long time and do something that feels more creative and fulfilling. This space has given me time to think about bigger things and stop and breathe. And, you know. cook a lot of bread.

The beautiful moments are the ones that are kind of the most unexpected. Leading into this I thought my big beautiful moment was going to be my wedding, and it still will be, just later in the year. Instead it became the day we were supposed to get married. We dressed up and ordered a meal and set the table and did a photoshoot with a polaroid camera. We just made a really incredible night. 

Holland Sanders
Owner, Holland Collective
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Please credit all photos Make Something Beautiful @makesomethingbeautifulfw | @bigbenbender

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