I wanted to do something that could be a calming, loving influence. So I started a daily show that I’m doing on facebook everyday. I’ve done 50 in a row. Usually there’s a running commentary in my head and I just vomit it into the public in any way I can. This time I wanted to step back and make some observations, because there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. I just want to observe and try to help people and have some empathy about what everyone is feeling.

I haven’t this much time with my brother since we were little kids. We beat Mario Brothers 3 immediately in the first week. We’re working on Super Contra now on Nintendo. We’re just getting a lot of time together. We’re working on harmonizing stuff together, he’s a really good song writer and a good guitar player. All this time with him, time with my mom and time with my niece that I wouldn’t have otherwise is amazing. About 5 years ago there was that nurse that got ebola in Dallas. I had just got back from Europe and I was like, where would I want to be if something like that went down and spread? And I thought, here with my family. That’s where I’d be able to support them the most and it would be the most comfortable place for me. And that’s where I am, so the family part of it has been very beautiful to me.

Keegan McInroe
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