“Never Seen A Ghost Music Video” is a chilling yet captivating visual companion to an outstanding song. The tale of how Keegan penned this haunting melody and brought it to life through recording is nothing short of fascinating. Amidst the backdrop of a band scattered across Italy and Fort Worth, the song was conceived just before the onset of COVID-19, and the concept for the video had been brewing for some time. Keegan’s own family history played a significant role, as his mother resides in an old, late 1800s house that served as the eerie and atmospheric backdrop for the video.

The production of this horror-themed music video was nothing short of spectacular. Stars from various walks of life came together to deliver spine-tingling performances over a single night, which began at 3 pm and extended into the wee hours of the morning, capturing the essence of the supernatural. The characters brought the true ghost stories of the house to life, ensuring the video was as creepy as it was captivating. The dedication of everyone involved was evident, and the performances were nothing short of amazing. If you haven’t already, be sure to explore the entirety of Keegan’s music; you’re in for an enthralling musical journey.”

The “I Don’t Like To Be Alone” music video by Bonnie Bishop is a poignant narrative brought to life through her incredible album. Bonnie approached us with the desire to select this particular song to convey a powerful story of different individuals navigating the complexities of being broken, yet yearning for human connection. Bonnie herself is a true superstar, gracing us with her remarkable voice and the exceptional songs she crafts.

Collaborating with Bonnie on this project was an absolute privilege, and we’re grateful to have been a part of it. Every scene was carefully crafted to evoke genuine emotions, and the airstream scene with the older couple stands out as a favorite. We sincerely thank Bonnie for allowing us into her world for a brief moment. Her music, this song, and the album “Walk” are truly outstanding; we encourage everyone to take a moment to experience the remarkable talent of Bonnie Bishop.

Henry the Archer’s “The Bad” music video is a captivating journey into the heart of Fort Worth’s Fairmount, filmed on a scorching summer night in a historic, soon-to-be-refurbished house. The atmosphere was electric, despite the house having minimal electricity. Local residents came together to create this sensational song and video, and the energy was palpable. Dancing, rats scurrying around, and a passionate spirit characterized this memorable night.

“I Don’t Like To Be Alone Music Video: Henry the Archer’s ‘The Bad'” is a powerhouse of a song, radiating immense energy that leaves an indelible impact. It was a pleasure to work with Henry the Archer, and this music video captures the essence of the song in a way that’s both compelling and electric. Special thanks go to Diana Urbina and Candace Powers, who lent their vibrant presence to this unforgettable night. Filmed entirely handheld, the video possesses an extra level of coolness that complements the raw energy of the song.