I wasn’t so much freaked out by it as I was just surprised by the sudden closing of things and the necessity to maintain distance. I think it was in America longer than we know and it took a while before it started hitting the more vulnerable. I’m thankful all day long that it wasn’t more widespread lethal, like a plague. Something that if you get it, like ebola, you’re almost guaranteed to die no matter what. That would’ve been terrifying. This had traits terrifying for some and less so for others. 

Bars are going to open back up. We’re going to have live music again. We’re going to be back. We’ll be back as good if not better than before. We’re going to be safer. We know what to look for. We know what to do. Handshaking might become a thing of the past. We might stand apart a little bit more and occasionally wear masks in public. We’re going to be rocking out to live music again and going to sporting events, I’m absolutely certain.

Steve Hanthorn
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