I was concerned about this lockdown being a setback to the Near Southside community we’ve worked to build. But the community has shown its strength in coming together and helping one another in such a myriad of ways beyond anything I anticipated. You’re never going to have to explain to anyone again why building community like that is a good idea. I think that we can show that as an example for other areas throughout the city to help support community in a neighborhood or a street as well as the entire city all together. I think building a community is the most beautiful thing to have come out of this.

My husband has been a champion at getting things done around the house; I completely stink at that. He cleans up his desk area every single day. His bedside table next to my bedside table – mine is a complete mess, his is completely pristine. It’s the same way all around the house.

Ann Zadeh
Fort Worth City Council representative, District 9
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