One of the really sweet parts for me is we’re had a really consistent group of friends that has met every week for the last 2 years. It’s such a grounding sense of community for us and we haven’t missed a beat. We’ve had a virtual zoom call every week for an hour and half or two hours. We just hang out and talk and continue to have community and celebrate the good things and relate to the hard things. Another beautiful thing for me personally, seeing the support of our patrons to our business, people have been helping with ice cream to hospitals. They’ve been writing nice notes to go along with the ice cream. It’s almost like I’m reading notes in their diary. 

We’ve met new neighbors from the distance of our porch and the sidewalk. That’s really special and something that might not have happened if we weren’t forced to slow down at home.

Kari Crowe
Owner, Melt Ice Creams
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