My friend circle has become like family. I’ve gotten to be really close with people who prior to this I didn’t think I would be close with. I just figured they’d be friends and that would be the extent of it, but they’ve stepped up. Not that I’ve needed anything — I’ve got a job and money and food. I don’t have any family in Texas, it’s literally just me. Coming together with some people and my job has meant a lot. My Daily routine is almost the same as before. I’m still being about to go to work daily, that’s pretty dope. I’m working out. Not in the gym, me and my crew go to Dickies Arena and we workout outside. We run those stairs. It’s kind of the same but different. Your soul took a rest. I see I can cook for myself, I don’t need to eat out all the time. I can be productive and think outside of the box versus having to be online all the time.

It took everyone back to the 20s. Kids are outside riding bikes more and playing with their friends more. The funny thing is the other day I was walking by a house and there like seven bikes laid down in the front yard. When we were riding bikes back in the day that’s how you found out where your friends were versus using the find friends app. We’re taking things back to the basics. The earth is healing. People are out and about, figuring out who they are. Unfortunately this happened but I think it was something the world needed to happen. 

A lot of deaths happened but life was also restored for a lot of people. We’ll be hopefully back soon so we can do things again. I think people will take life more seriously now. Like, I don’t have time to waste. I don’t have time to play around. These are my goals, these are my dreams. Let me go at it as hard as possible versus hey, I’ve got time. We need to do this today! No dream is too small.

Barton Fluker
Radio personality; owner,
Love Remixed Brand
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