I was actually prepping for an art opening with a local painter. She was to have her opening reception on March 21st. During the hanging of that show I did something horrifically wrong to my back. It got progressively worse over the next few days up until the quarantine. By the time the quarantine got here I literally shut down and was walking at a 90 degree angle bent from the waist for three weeks. I felt like the world shut down just so I could heal. We basically just nested with our dogs at home. We did a lot of gardening in the yard, well Curtis did the gardening, I just kind of wandered around, pulled a weed, and then pointed at something that needed to be dug up. Once my back healed we started some creative projects at home. The dogs are spoiled rotten now, they think we’re just here full time. 

I’m perfectly fine being alone and doing my own thing. I don’t really need any outside influences to fill my spirit. We had a couple neighborhood social distancing events that happened that were unexpected. It was joyous to see the neighbors come together like that. Mask wearing and still distant but still wanting to show each other they cared enough to come out for a celebration. 

George Crittenden
Owner of Crittenden the Studio
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Please credit all photos Make Something Beautiful @makesomethingbeautifulfw | @bigbenbender

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