Texas A&M University. The first public institution of higher learning in the state. Home of the Aggies.  The Corp. The 12th Man. And that indomitable “Gig ‘Em” spirit. Set proudly in the heart of the Houston Dallas-Austin triangle, A&M is a maroon-drenched stronghold of educational intensity and devout  allegiance. 

Much has been made of the A&M spirit. The screaming throngs inside packed stadiums. And the never say-die attitude of our sports teams on the fields and on the courts. Certainly, this is an important part  of what makes A&M the school it is. But in reality, it’s so much more. 

What truly sets A&M apart is its incredibly diverse student body. 

At nearly 70,000 strong, plus others in A&M satellite campuses, the students of A&M represent the  best and brightest from all walks of life, all parts of Texas, and even the nation at large. They run the  gamut from world-class artists and musicians to some of the brightest minds in math, science and  medicine. And this doesn’t even take into account scores of past A&M students. 

It’s this colorful canvas of student diversity on which MSB has created a unique new series of videos on  behalf of Texas A&M Admissions. Employing our trademark style of endearingly authentic and sometimes slightly “quirky” storytelling, MSB selected and highlighted a wide range of students’ personalities and stories in  very honest, real, and engaging ways. 

This is Texas A&M like it has never been seen before.

Check out all the video we’ve done with Texas A&M.

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