When Matt was a kid, his dad caught him alone in his bedroom surrounded by pillows making music.

As he frantically tried to hide the drumsticks, his dad asked him, “so you really like drumming?” That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Matt and drums and Fort Worth music.

You may or not know Matt Mabe’s name, but you know his rhythm. Matt on drums is what’s made many shows sound really really good. 

Right now, the stages have been taken away from our musicians. And there are a lot of them playing their music in bedrooms. Music isn’t best when it’s done all by yourself but when music is in your soul it has to come out.

Let’s not forget the people that make this town sound really really good, especially when their stages are taken away.

Fort Worth is our people, and nothing takes that away from us.

See more form Matt Mabe on instagram.

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