Our neighbors are our greatest resource in Fort Worth, in that spirit we began shooting intimate video portraits of members of our community. It was important for us to showcase the uplifting collaborations surrounding us. Uniquely supportive, Funkytown is built upon a set of cultural tectonics that define the enduring vitality of its character.

Communities are made by the people who make a place special, the hidden coordinates that give Fort Worth flavor and charm beyond those dots found on a map. The Fort Worth Funky portraits drew the attention of the Visit Fort Worth, who commissioned a series entitled Fort Worth Stories, which represents an ongoing project with further releases in the future. From the Stockyards to the Near Southside, Downtown or out west, we help to depict the honest stories of passionate people from all walks of life.

Fort Worth Stories seek to render a more organic approach to storytelling, like introducing friends at a house party; inspiration is funny that way and we want to be there to capture the spark when the desire to make something can transform everyone who experiences it.  


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Behind the Scenes