When we began working in an agency, we were determined to make something of ourselves. And we did. For 15 years, we created big campaigns for big brands on the national level.

But it wasn’t enough. At our heart, we’re storytellers. So we decided to make something different. We started a passion project called Fort Worth Funky to scratch that storytelling itch. We told stories of fun, cool and creative people that make our little corner of Texas special.

It wasn’t long before those big brands we knew and loved saw this project and wanted us to tell their stories with this same heart.  

We are Make Something Beautiful—a video production company based out of Fort Worth, Texas.  We create, films, commercials, documentaries and other creative work that helps support and leverage brands.

If there is one thing we have learned in our 20 years of creative storytelling it’s this: stories should do more than just exist, they should add something to the world.